Friday, November 28, 2008

Now that we've established that I am a Potter....

I thought that I would change hats and show you the WEAVER me. I am fairly new to weaving. My first experience was on a tiny 4 stick frame with large-headed nails - made by my dad. I learned basics of warping and weaving (and I mean BASICS!) while a student teacher in Brunswick. I loved the meditative quality. A Type-A, work-a-holic person like me can always use something to bring the stress level down a notch!

The image above is fairly accurate to my current style. I begin with a small square tapestry, add a long, lush tail, then embellish with local natural items or other little baubles that I find in my travels. The piece above is titled Autumn Landscape. I used alder from our front yard and the ancient shell centerpiece was dug from the clay at Mowry Beach.

I'll write more later about my weaving and a recent fellowship that I received to advance my techniques. If you are interested in seeing more of my weaving (or pottery for that matter) visit the Website Link (to the right of this page) called "Shanna's Webshots."

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