Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moon Tree Series

I thought I better post some pottery pics before people start referring to me instead as the "Easternmost Weaver in the United States."

This piece is an example from my Moon Tree series, handcarved stoneware pottery that features a simple moon and tree branches with roots. Well, I say simple, but the carving process itself is quite time consuming. I have two other tall chalice type pieces as this one in the studio. In one, (see photo right) I glazed the tree roots a dark temmoku brown. I also have a piece ready for raku once I get the kiln set-up. I can;t wait to see that one complete, as it has decorative leaf impressions inside.

I have been using the tree theme in my work for many years. Perhaps I have some past-life Druid connection. Perhaps I am merely inspired by the woods and their natural beauty that surrounds me. Either way, I think trees are powerful for most people. They possess an awesome strength - enduring years of rain, wind, ice. I love to watch a tree sway in a summer thunderstorm.

Have you hugged your tree today?


Dirt Girl said...

You still don't have the raku kiln set-up? I'll help you rig it up next summer and do a firing! Sound good?


has not happened for lack of time! tried for it this past fall but life too hectic. need shavings, a couple barrels still, and need to test the burner - it looks all rusted. don;t want to have to buy a new burner. $$$$ but, i have raku pots all bisque fired and ready to go. it's a shame!

Ajijaak said...


Have I hugged a tree today - yes I have! I love trees and the moon too!!

carla said...

Hello Shanna - Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your work is stunning... I love the gentle colors of this piece. It has a wonderful combination of movement and solidity to its shape. I shall return!