Monday, November 24, 2008

Art Production Slowing Down - post holiday sale

This time of year, the art production slows down for me. Working in a barn is difficult when the temps in Maine begin to fall below freezing. My last firing was about two weeks ago, followed by my annual holiday open studio. I enjoy the day so much because I get to spend time chit chatting with folks and just having a good time in general - away from my usual hectic schedule. I am grateful for all the support that I've had - from folks helping to advance my career in the arts.

In the photo above I've displayed some pottery works in the new "Barley" glaze (named after my siamese cat) and my most popular item, spiral bowls in rutile blue. I also sell my sister's Indigo Iris jewlery in the barn studio. She has quite a following down here in Lubec! You can also see a few of my mom's little hand-painted rocks. Yep. The art gene seems to run in the family.

I will spend the next few weeks preparing for holidays, and when the new year rings in, I will go into "hibernation mode". I love the early dark days - which feel so cozy and relaxed. I will use that time primarily for fiber work, relishing the lush warm textures of angora, alpaca, and wool. My goal this winter is to learn to warp the floor loom. I also hope to finish the peacock-themed mask that I began last summer. (Masks can take from 20-40 hours or more to complete, so it is hard to find time to squeeze them in.)


elvisgirl said...

I love your stuff! I hope someday you will have a website set up so I can buy stuff from where I live (NJ). I am friends of Ellen and Jack (Cohill's Inn).


thanks for checking it out! we love jack and ellen and cohills yummy foods!

my goal is to have website online by april 2009.

but maybe before then you will have followed suit and move to lubec with all the other new jersey "jack and ellen friends"!