Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lubec Arts Alive 2010

Mural from LAA 2009, located at Lubec Historical Society
Mural facilitated by Natasha Mayers
Photo Credit: ©2009 Goodman/VanRiper Photography

Friday and Saturday, July 23-24
Lubec, Maine

Kickoff Event!
World Premiere Screening of the
Lubec Arts Alive Documentary

A film by Jon Wing Lum
Friday, July 23rd, 7:00 p.m.
Christian Temple Church, Lubec, Maine

This beautiful thirty-minute documentary by filmmaker Jon Wing Lum captures the 2009 event from beginning to end with footage from the mural creation, portrait project, doorway installations, Hamilton Cove project, poetry reading, and iconic sign project. The film features several local community members and artists from far and near, their creative philosophies, and their artwork.
Free Admission. Refreshments.

Thank you to Pastor Alan Andraeas and the Christian Temple Church for their time and the use of their space for this event!

Resident UMVA Artists featured in the film:
Natasha Mayers, Robert Shetterly, Kenny Cole, Rose Marasco, Richard Brown Lethem, Diane Dahlke, Jill Lavestky, Siena Mayers, Karen Adrienne, Mary Bernstein, Barbara Sullivan, Alan Crichton, Harlan Crichton.

Lubec Arts Alive 2010
Art on the Beach
Saturday, July 24th, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Mowry Beach, Lubec
Rain date: Sunday, July 25th
Info booth will be set-up at Flatiron Corner (across from Quik Shop)

Join us at Mowry Beach for an afternoon of environmental found-object art! Create with stones, seaweed, sea glass, shells, driftwood, etc. Plein Air artists are invited to bring their materials and musicians to bring their instruments for some improvisational fun!

Thank you to the Downeast Coastal Conservancy for allowing access to Mowry Beach for this project!
Mowry Beach is protected and maintained by the Downeast Coastal Conservancy.
Mowry Beach Steward, Jennifer Multhopp

Lubec Arts Alive committee members:
Karen Burke, Jean Bookman, Jean Deveber, Claudia Mahlman, Ann Rosebrooks, Shanna Wheelock

for more info, go to our website:

Seaweed Labyrinth and Rock Formation
Created during Lubec Arts Alive 2009 at Hamilton Cove
This portion of LAA 2009 was such a beautiful and fun event that we decided to base Lubec Arts Alive 2010 around a similar theme!
Photo Credit: ©2009 Goodman/Van Riper Photography

Mead Mugs

Bowls and Sake Sets

The mini Stonehenge herb garden

For those who check my blog on a regular basis, you probably noticed that I didn't show up with my regular post last Sunday. Sometimes this happens. My life just blows wide open with happenings and I can't find an extra moment to spare from sunrise to sundown. This past week and half my days have typically begun at 4:00 a.m. I love that time of day, waking with the birds, seeing the moon still in the sky while the sun is peeking out from the eastern horizon over the bay. So much stillness, yet full of life with birds chirping. I am getting a bit worn out though and even though I look forward to Lubec Arts Alive, I will be a bit relieved when the event finally takes place and then...look forward to a few days to just "be" and breathe.

The past week and a half was full of other wonderful stuff as well - including meeting new folks from distant places who lead interesting lives, from raising peacocks to writing books about model building. Last week's post about friends returning must have sparked some sort of universal energy because another couple (Linda and Jonathan) from New York that we hadn't seen in about three summers stopped by when "just passing through". This couple is one of the neatest that I have ever met. They are both rabbis and run this super cool charitable/educational bakery/program in their synagogue called "Bread and Torah." To make their lives even more interesting, Linda is working on an intesive scroll translation project where she makes the animal-skin parchment paper for the scrolls by hand! Check out their website/blog for more info.

In between Lubec Arts Alive prep and greeting folks who swing by the shop, I have been spending my time throwing pots in the "pottery cave", tending the garden with Chris, and working on the various non-glamorous aspects of keeping a micro cottage-type business up and running, and hopefully on the grow. I was so excited yesterday to see my OBDS (official business directional sign) posted on Rte. 189! Kinda neat to see "Cobscook Pottery and Fiber Arts" looking so official. Porcupine Signs in Pembroke did a fantastic job! I should give kudos to MDOT as well for installing the signs so quickly!!! Yey!

One other highlight of this past week was that Chris and I finally set aside an afternoon for some kayaking. We went to my favorite spot, Indian lake, in Whiting. It is a relatively tiny lake, but we almost always see the loons. This time, a mama loon and her baby on her back. Shortly after that sighting, Papa loon came swooping in from the sky to join them, providing us a uniquely reverent moment.

I have been up since 4:00 a.m. listening to the drenching rains and the West Quoddy fog horn. My aunt June and pup Shimmer are visiting for a few days from Bangor. I imagine this weather is not conducive to their plans for a ferry ride and hike, but it will provide its own kind of magic and peace. Perhaps an afternoon of "Scrabble Showdown". I better go find the official dictionary....

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