Sunday, September 14, 2014

Self-Induced Semi-Hibernation

Water, Wind, and Time
An interpretation of Lubec Factory Ruins by artist Shanna Wheelock
 On view at Lubec Memorial Library through September 30, 2014

Thus far the largest showing of my factory-themed drawings, many never-before-seen. Yes, some drawings, paintings, and columns are for sale (I have been reluctant to part with any drawings before this viewing). The library does not handle sales. All inquiries should come directly to me. Information is available at the library.

 Herring tiles that I made last spring were finally installed!

Republic of Georgia arttist Valerian Jikia on his first day to Lubec/U.S.
Valerian was here as a participating artist in the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium. He created a granite sculpture for Lubec (see pic below).
Photo by Jesse Salisbury

Valerian Jikia and his finished/installed sculpture at Stockford Park here in Lubec. Pictured with Valerian is our local SISS sculpture committee (aka the money beggars and event planners). Pictured: Rachel Rubeor, Valerian Jikia, Shanna Wheelock, Barbara Frazier, and Sara McConnell. (committee members not pictured are Karen Burke and Denise Rule) THANK YOU to local businesses who assisted in our fundraising efforts: Cohill's Pub, McFadden's Market, Emera,The Masons, American Legion, Lyon's Market, Crow Town Gallery, everyone who donated prizes for our raffles, chili cooks, and all of our generous financial supporters!!! There were many!!!)
Photo by Katherine Cassidy

 "Beyond the Horizon"
by Valerian Jikia
Located at Stockford Park, Lubec, Maine

"What If I Dived Into This Dance"
Encaustic painting on birch panel
for the third annual invitational "Night" show at Catbird Seat Gallery, Eastport.

 West Quoddy on a late summer day.
Lubec, Maine

 Cat Food Factory
Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

 Lazing Kelp
Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

 Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

 Whelk eggs
Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

Making LOVE on the rocks
Mowry Beach, Lubec, Maine

Move over Sothebys! Karen Burke and me on the stage getting ready to begin the art auction in an effort to raise funds for the Valerian Jikia sculpture. There was a great turnout at Crow Town Gallery (thanks for letting us use the space Bonnie!). Chris Crittenden gave us quite a show as the live auctioneer! Thanks to all the artists and art supporters who participated!
Photo by Goodman/VanRiper Photography.

Live auctioneer Chris Crittenden fetches a high price for this oil painting by Leslie Bowman. Bonnie Beard was our resident "Vannah White".
Photo by Goodman/VanRiper Photography.

I happened upon a film production at McCurdy Smokehouse, downtown Lubec.

Herring work in production.

Sabbath meal with the Rubenstein/Motzkin clan. Always a treat!
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein shows off his freshly baked challah loaves. They were DELICIOUS!!! Lucky us to be sent home with some!!!

Rabbi Linda Motzkin and son Ari with this magnificent foraged-berry pie that we gorged on for dessert!

Rabbi Linda Motzkin with her artwork on handmade deerskin parchment. Learn more at:

My first mackerel catch down at the pier! 
A fisherman I am not, but it sure was yummy!

Biking with Chris along the trail in Machias.
(well, taking a break in this photo!)

Pirates arrived in Lubec by air, sea, and....Harleys?

My pottery display at the 29th annual Mount Desert Island Directions Show in Bar Harbor.

I know. The post title is confusing. Those who know me well know that hibernation time does begin for me normally until January.  This has been an exceptionally hectic summer with committee work on top of vending, running the shop, and a bit more travel for family and friend functions than usual. I am just now tying up ends and beginning the last leg of my Heartwood College of Art MFA program. Five years in the making and the final four months is a delve into the world of thesis. It is a tight schedule that we have been handed and that means no time to fool around. Okay, so you may find me at the Tavern for one last hoorah and there are a couple more art festivals to vend, but other than that, it is me, a stack of books, an array of tasty hot press deckled-edge paper, and a pile of my favorite pens. I know that you all will understand my planned absence and why at times I will have to decline those tempting invitations to all things wicked, wild, and fun until the project at hand is complete.

I have been away from blogging due to all the other hooplah but the neverending stream of photos above gives you an idea of what has been going on in and around Lubec. If I am not at the Lubec Farmers Market on Saturdays I am away at some other craft fair. Bar Harbor was extra fun this year as my friend Becky vended her wares a few aisles over from me. Martha Stewart did pass by with a smile and a hello but she declined my dinner invitation. Imagine that! Passing up a chance to eat from handmade Herring ware! Maybe another time.....

The past year and a half I have worked with a committee of five other women to raise funds for the Valerian Jikia sculpture via the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium. Excitement abounded yesterday as the massive granite artwork arrived on two flatbeds for installation at Stockford Park.
This is the first of its kind here in Lubec- and puts us on an official downeast sculpture map. Kudos to all who made this happen! It was a pleasure to meet Valerian who hails from Republic of Georgia. He put his heart and soul into this artwork and we are all so proud of him!

A collection of my factory-themed artworks are on exhibit at Lubec Memorial Library through September 30th. This is the first time that I have seen the bulk of my drawings (over fifty!) as a collection. I have been working on them for almost two years and most times they rest in folders and pads. Occasionally a few make it to my studio wall but the turnover rate is steady as I am always creating new works. For the first time I decided to price some of the drawing. Not all are for sale as I hope to have them printed in limited editions, but some of the smaller detailed works are up for grabs. Artists understand is sometimes hard to let go of new work. Alas, I am ready for some of my "babies" to make their way out into the world.

This week I will be firing and glazing to prep for my next two shows while segueing into the thesis work. There is much ritual involved. If you see me out and about with camera in hand...that is part of the research component. I am looking forward to the immersion that is soon to come!