Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is one of my favorite items that I have been throwing this past fall. Originally I called it the "healing cup" as it feels so soothing to sip a warm liquid from it. When Chris and I used the new cups for the first time, we had just hand-pressed cider at Jean and Dick's house. To drink warm, organic cider from our own trees, pressed by ourselves, in cups I made, felt sacred and healing and celebratory as well, for the Samhain season.

I have an interest in Japanese pottery and have been making the sweetest little rice bowls for a few years now. I just learned that Yunomi is translated "cup for hot liquid" So, these cups have come to be called Yunomi in my studio.


Ms Farrell said...

beautiful and such thoughtful commentary. Check out the Fulbright Memorial Fund that sends teachers to Japan for three weeks in the summer. You can get there from Lubec!!! kendra
ps I will be sure to come see you this summer.

Ms Farrell said...

ps I started a blog as you can see but never took it anywhere. Maybe I will become inspired. I can't decide if it will be about china or teaching art ..


come see me this summer? really? how fun that would be! we could kayak, weave, play in the mud!

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Ajijaak said...

Beautiful work!