Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sitting on the deck by the bay...

Peaceful Sunday afternoon, sitting on the deck, listening to the birds chirp near and in the distance. Sun drenched, warm, mild breeze rustling the leaves. Pink phlox blanketing the field, grass swaying, bees buzzing as they fly by, time and time again, their usual route. The water is extra blue today.

This moment is such a contrast to the usual hectic routine. I spent the last few days in a whirlwind of grading, graduation, travel, building, meetings, appointments, and hosting. Most all of it fabulous, but the pace is not one to be kept-up long term. This moment feels like a deep-breath after days of hyperventilating.

In a flurry of activity, my husband left for California, a new studio/office addition has begun to be built, I hosted a committee and dinner for the Lubec Arts Alive 2009 project, visited Heartwood College of Art, saw my family in central Maine, knocked off a couple medical appointments, and returned home late Friday night to prep for my artist friend Becky's visit with her almost-seven-year-old daughter. All this, on top of teaching.

I am not accustomed to a weekend of "just hanging out." Normally I would be in the studio working hours on end, but since we have begun a building project, the electrical line to the barn studio has been dislodged and there is no power at all out there. For how long? I don't know! My usual art-obsessed self is being forced to change the routine. It created a lot of stress for me, knowing that I would not have my studio for an unknown length of time, but I am actually starting to come to terms with that, and I feel okay!

It has given me an opportunity to focus on some other things that need attention. I also know, that for the first time in over ten years, I will have a studio space that I can work in through the winter. Yey! Extremely exciting. In summer, I usually feel the push to get all the clay work done that I can, knowing that winter will be just around the corner. I am curious how my work time will be divided now, knowing that I will have the flexibility to pace myself.

So, this past weekend was about reconnecting with my friend Becky. For the first time since she had children, we were able to spend a few hours just talking. It was awesome! Her daughter is amazing, a testament to how great she and her husband are as parents. We hiked the trail at West Quoddy, shopped at Northern Tides, Wags and Wools, and Monica's Chocolates, beach-combed for sea glass, had ice cream at Atlantic House, painted, weaved, and ate fresh fabulous meals. They were here just about 24 hours, a short visit for such a long drive, but we made every minute count.

The next week will be devoted almost entirely to school responsibilities. The end of the year is near, and there is plenty to do. We pack up our rooms for summer deep-cleaning, and I need to get student artwork ready for sale at the lighthouse gallery. I hope to meet up with my artist friend Diane at the Courthouse Gallery in Ellsworth next weekend, and look forward to my mom's later visit that same day.

As I blog this, hummingbird just visited the beautiful red geranium my mother gifted me two days ago. Perfection in this moment.

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Dirt Girl said...

I had a fabulous time too! So did Alice. Thanks again for the great weekend. Love, Becky