Monday, October 14, 2013

Artist Way and Mushroom Hunting

What an amazing past couple weeks it has been  - between travel, studio time, vending, foraging and socializing. I am reminded again and again why it is that I love it here and how blessed I am to be able to be an artist in this little corner of the world.
Before moving here, Chris' grandfather enticed us with the line that "Lubec is a great place for an artist and a writer". We were given a key and a photo and told that North Lubec Road is known as "Artists Way". I have never found anyone else to corroborate that, but twelve years later, I see that Artist Way is indeed "becoming". We enjoyed a potluck with a few neighbors a couple Friday's back and as I looked around the room I noted that every person present was either an artist, musician, or writer.
That seems to be the trend here. Artists continue to move to this little bit of (increasingly more rare) ecological paradise. It was, as I often say, a tough transition the first few years and now I can't imagine leaving. There is a supportive artistic community but also opportunity for solitude which fuels the creative soul. Living here has its challenges and is not for the faint of heart, but if you can find a way to make it work, it is a powerful existence.
There are a lot of pics in this week's blog, so I will lighten the text and let the images and blurbs speak for themselves. So full of joy and gratitude right now and looking forward to the next adventure - in the studio or otherwise.
Mini Vacation to Swans Island with mom.
My mom spent many summers on Swans Island with her Aunt Aggie (Nana's sister) and Uncle Carlyle. I have fond memories of my few times there and hadn't visited in twenty nine years. Last week Mom and I headed out for a two night stay.
Half hour ferry ride to the island out of Bass Harbor. This is actually the return trip - too turbulent to get out of car on the ride over and wasworried that the Dramamine might not have yet kicked in!
Me on the ferry feeling quite mellow and looking forward to my two nights on the island. Ride over was chilly and turbulent so we stayed in vehicles, but the return was gorgeous blue skies and calmer seas and I was able to wander around the boat a bit.
The quarry on Swans Island. Peaceful spot.
Blue Buoys at Trafton's Wharf on Minturn Loop. The elusive Tim Trafton (whom we were told to search out) was never to be found. In fact, there were few human sightings the entire three days! People on the island kind of do things in their own time.
Formerly Uncle Carlyle's lobster shed and dock in the harbor.
 Lobsterman just in with his day's catch.
Carrying Place Market. tiny, and very few items. This was the only market that we found. Well stocked with bananas!
Closing Day of the 2013 Lubec Open Air Market
Thank you to "Transtitions Lubec" for continuing support of the Lubec Market.  Looking forward to the 2104 season!!!
Heidi with her dried herbs and teas. She is the Lubec  Market Master  - and has done such a spectacular job keeping us all organized and informed. Check out her Plant Pep!!! Even the White House uses her organic fertilizer!!!

 Alex with yummy cheeses from Gardenside Dairy. She's a sweetie!!! I can't wait to see her handsewn creations at next season's market!

Thanks for the music at closing day, Curt! I still can't get "Grandma's Feather Bed" out of my head!!!
Thanks, Fred Pierce of Cobscook Bay Music for doing such a great job organizing tunes for the market! It's been such a treat to listen to live music every week!!!
 Critters are coming out of the woodwork this time of year....literally!
My new friend. I'm not the only one who likes cheese.
A few days off from pottery to focus on some sculptural pieces.
First grouping of factory columns this semester in their greenware stage. Not too exciting to look at right now but will transform over the next few weeks. Many more to go. I have some favorites of course.
I love it when chance meetings bring about new experiences.
 Maitake mushroom (Hen of the Woods) gifted to us during Saturday's farmer's market. Delicious! Met some new friends from the Maine Mycological Association and we enjoyed a walk in our back woods on Sunday to identify various edibles.
 Visitors from the Maine Mycological Association who led us on the tour of our back woods to identify fungi.
Ann Rugh, Ruthie Ristich, Michaeline Mulvey, Elizabeth Noyes, Mary Yurlina, Cheryl St. Pierre, and Cookie the dog.
So many gifts in nature.
A variety of mushrooms and chlorociboria.(and an apple core!)
 Michaeline Mulvey shows us how to identify edible Lions Mane.
 Chris, Michaeline, and Ruthie check out some fungi on an old branch. this was an exciting find! Unfortunately I do not recall the name. Looking through a tiny microscope - it was gorgeous!
 A cluster of edibles. Name? Honeys???
 Mary shows us a (I am told) quite yummy edible mushroom. Again, forgot the name!!!
Michaeline and Elizabeth with a cluster of Honey Mushrooms.
By the way, the wool for Michaeline's hat was dyed with a variety of mushroom! How cool is that!
Chris takes notes as Elizabeth cuts Phylotopsis Nidulans from a birch. Michaeline and Ruthie talk about Honey Mushrooms.
Witches Butter.
I believe it is edible, but more than anything, I just LOVE the name!
 A way-up edible find (Lion's Mane) on an old birch.
Later in the day....
In the afternoon, the foragers met for an ID workshop. I couldn't believe all the mushrooms that were found! Michaeline Mulvey led the informative discussion. I loved how animated she became when talking about the fungi.
Michaeline Mulvey explains how this shaggy mushroom provides a black dye that may be used by artists. Cool!

Chaga, known for its healing properties, is found on birch trees.
Wood stained with green elfcup, used for inlay.
Self-explanatory. Beautiful!!! This is the specimen that was cut from a birch in our back woods.
And after a long day of foraging....
An incredible feast hosted by Randy and Karen. Thank you!!!! And thank you to Ann Rugh for hosting the MMA group here in Lubec. I look forward to next year!!!
Randy Lisheness shows off some mean cooking skills while preparing artisan pizzas for the mushroom-loving crowd at a post fungi identification gathering. Thank you to Randy and his partner Karen Fry Primeau for hosting us at their cozy home.
Randy's feta, spinach, and maitake pie. Yum!

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