Friday, March 30, 2012

Fresh from the Fire

Coming Soon...
The official Cobscook Pottery Website!
Complete with online ordering - check back for details!

Items just unloaded from the Kiln...
A preview of what to expect this summer at

Big-bellied Mug
Northern Lights and Barley glaze motifs shown above.
Also available in Mossy Forest and Seafoam.

Dessert Plate
7" Diameter, Forest and Sky glaze motif

Berry Mug with Saucer
A mug-sized colander perfect for washing and eating a single serving of favorite berries.
(available without the saucer for $28)

Sake Set
Shown in Forest and Sky glaze motif.
Also available in Barley, Northern Lights, Mossy Forest, and Seafoam

Serving Platter
Available in a variety of sizes and glaze motifs.
Prices Vary

French Butter Crock
Keep butter fresh in this counter-top crock.
Fill lid with butter and insert into base with water. The water creates a seal to keep in freshness. Shown in Forest and Sky glaze motif. Also available in Seafoam and Barley glazes.

Sponge Holder
Shown in Forest and Sky. Also available in Northern Lights, Barley, and Seafoam.

Honey Pot w/wooden dipper
Shown in Barley glaze motif. Also available in Northern Lights, Seafoam, and Mossy Forest.

Domed Cheese Platter
Shown in Northern Lights glaze motif. Also available in Barley, Forest and Sky, and Seafoam.

Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks
Shown in Mossy Forest. Also available in Northern Lights and Barley glaze motifs.

Tea and Rice Bowl
Shown in Barley.
Also available in
Northern Lights, Forest and Sky, Mossy Forest, and Seafoam glaze motifs.

Mini Vase
Assorted glaze motifs.

Before this last batch of snow blew through, we had a near week of gorgeous spring weather with temps in the 70's. The warmth on the face offered optimistic rejuvenation and elevated energy for long walks. Despite the unseasonable temps, I was sequestered to the cave for long stretches of throwing and glazing. It felt great, though, to be able to open the doors wide for a bit to let the sunshine in. The past few weeks have been intense with production as I try out new items for summer sales. Last week I fired three bisque and two glaze loads, and there is plenty of ware waiting for the next round of firing. For the most part, I am incredibly pleased with the results. The colors were exceptional. There were some minor disappointments but that offers opportunity to go "back to the drawing board" to problem-solve and tweak. The functional wares have been a fun focus and helps to balance out the intense philosophical components of the sculptural work.

My docket is full of deadlines and appointments and I am reminding myself to just breathe through it, take one step at a time, prioritize, and know that I can rest a bit more easily once summer arrives. Maine tourist season soon begins and I have added new shops to my venue list. I need to provide pottery to each of those spaces by their opening dates and then I will focus on stocking my own shop here in Lubec. Meanwhile, the big student art show is in less than two weeks and Chris' poetry schedule is picking up. Paperwork needs tending and the website is in progress. I have much to get in order before the designer can do her part. This past week I spent a lot of hours with a photo shoot, business forms, and writing. Somehow we managed to sneak in some play time with my artist friend Becky and her beau from Portland. Lots of laughter and decadent food was a welcome break from the glazing.

Last Sunday the Lubec Arts Alive film aired on TV. A bunch of us gathered at Uncle Kippy's Restaurant to watch it on the big screen. The filmmaker, Jon Wing Lum, was able to join us, as well as his musician friend Nan Bennett who provided the beautiful soundtrack for the film. Every time I watch it, I get a bit choked-up. Such great memories from that summer and our first ever Lubec Arts Alive. I had no idea when the project first began in 2009 that we would still be continuing with it in 2012. Just never know where life will lead, I guess.

This weekend I work on the base support structure for the installation sculpture that will show at Lubec Landmarks in June. I'm always a bit nervous about how a piece will turn out - and it takes months to get a vision into the final stages. I just keep plugging along. There's a whole lot of finger-crossing and deity-pleading going on here!

Last week we snuck out to Machias for an evening in the UMM art gallery where students and faculty recited their creative works. Chris read a couple of poems. I was impressed with the young talent. Who knows...perhaps there were some future best-selling authors in the bunch!

Chris' poetry schedule is pretty full for this month. Next week he will be reading (alongside three other poets) at the Occupy Art opening at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell. This past winter his poetry was published in Liberty's Vigil: The Occupy Anthology. At the Harlow, he will share his work from that publication as well as his recent chapbook Rebellion, published as result of his winning a competition through Medulla Review. ( all should order a copy - not only does it have incredible poetry by a phenomenal poet...but it has my artwork on the cover!)

All is status quo at the homefront with our two furry companions. Bouli's 1st birthday is coming up (though she is about 15 in cat years!!! And acting every bit a rebellious teen!). What kind of cake should we make for her? Salmon or Crab?