Sunday, July 10, 2011

Community Art in Lubec

View of the herring sculpture during installation in front of the smokehouse.
Photo by Marcia Chaffee

It takes a whole village to raise a tent....

Lubec Arts Alive 2011 underway with community gathering to paint herring cut-outs

Marcia Chaffee, John McMurray, and Jean Bookman assemble the
smaller herring onto the steel rods.

The gorgeous fish head, fins, and tail were painted by local artist Claudia Mahlman.

The 12" wide herring sculpture was set into concrete by Dick Hoyt, Rob Chaffee, John McMurray, Steve Silverman, and Nate Rosebrooks. Thanks guys!

The herring sculpture installed, downtown Lubec.

Thank you to our 2011 Volunteers!
Dick Hoyt, Gene Trebolis, Rob Chaffee, Steve Silverman, Chris Crittenden, Mike Scrivani, Pat Fry, Claudia Mahlman, Nancy Begley, Jean Deveber, T.J. Goetting, Nate Rosebrooks, Warren Lewis, Joel Riggs.

Special Thanks to:
John McMurray who offered his time, skills, and vision to make this project a success.
Bar Harbor Bank and Trust for vital sponsorship of this year's event.
Regional Medical Center at Lubec for use of the tent.
Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman for photographing the event.
Claudia Mahlman for painting the head, tail, and fins.
Gene Trebolis for drilling the hole for the sculpture.

Thank you to our 2011 donors:
George Bookman, Claudia mahlman, Sheryl Denbo and Steve Silverman, Jean and Peter Deveber, Pat Fry, Diane Z, Anna and Nate Rosebrooks, Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, Nancy Begley, Nina Bohlen/Davis Pike, Rob and Marcia Chaffee, Annie and George Davis, Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman, Creative Arts Studio (Jean Bookman and Dick Hoyt).

The Lubec Arts Alive 2011 Committee:
Jean Bookman, Karen Burke, Marcia Chaffee, Sheryl Denbo, Ann Rosebrooks, Shanna Wheelock

What a week! Lubec Arts Alive 2011 came and went and boy do we have a fantastic new piece of community artwork on display in downtown Lubec. To all of those who came by to paint a fish, create art on the beach, or to lend a hand, thank you!!!!

Again, a fabulous committee worked behind the scenes for the past few months to make the project a reality. Kudos to them for sticking-it-out despite busy schedules with work and family, to bring an awesome community art experience to Lubec.

Next time you drive through downtown, take a gander at the 12 foot' herring sculpture in the garden at the smokehouse museum. It is a fabulous burst of creative enthusiasm, and I imagine on a day like to today, with a cleansing coastal breeze, is doing its thing and spinning to show all its colors.

It was an honor to work with Addison sculptor John McMurray. His years of experience as both an artist and a teacher benefited us and he was a joy to have on board for this project. I am grateful for his patience and energy!

Come Thursday afternoon, I was able to sit back, breathe, reflect. The weather was gorgeous, blue skies, gentle wind, warm temps. Chris and I headed out to Indian Lake for our first kayak of the season, followed by a walk along the new trail in Machias. We were greeted by ducks, an eagle, otters, a turtle, dragonfly, and a loon. It was a peaceful few hours. Friday was a fabulous celebratory day with art on the beach at Mowry, followed by the West Quoddy Lighthouse Art Auction at the grange. We were pretty wiped-out and didn't officially make it to the fireworks intown, but could hear the booms and see a few sparks over the bay from our house.

I have been behind in my pottery production due to first the bees and then Lubec Arts Alive, but finally got fully back into the studio Saturday with an eight-hour throwing session, and again today for another five hours. I am trying to narrow-down and focus-in on the thrown items that I enjoy making the most and am attempting to make a "game-plan" for the rest of the summer and fall. As usual, I am multi-tasking with varied mediums and projects and next up is possibly a website and some vending. I still haven't set a workshop schedule but hope to teach at least one or two workshops before summer's end, and also look forward to being a participant in an encaustics workshop later this month. Happy Birthday to me!

Bouli is laying beside me emitting an occasional grunt or groan as she naps. She definitely knows how to live. She sleeps, plays, and eats plenty and is never at a loss for copious amounts of human adoration and affection. What a life!

The wind is lulling me into a tranquil state....I might have to take my cue from Bouli on how to spend the rest of this afternoon....

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