Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twenty Hours Later....

I freely admit, I loathe painting. This sounds somewhat strange to me, being an artist. Why wouldn't I love to pick up a brush and watch a wall transform before my eyes? Well, I guess I don't have a problem with the transformation part. I do like that. I just don't like that I am the one having to do the painting. I am extremely messy. I leave big globs of sticky paint goo dripping under the windows and in the corners. Warning: don't ever hire me to paint your walls!

My sister and her partner had planned to visit this past weekend. Little did my sister know that her visit would fall at the exact time I would need to paint the walls of the new studio space. I could say that I feel extremely sorry for her, and guilty for my forcing a roller in hands, but (now this I find odd), she actually ENJOYS painting walls! She is one of those people who changes her wall colors every couple years. And she has a knack for picking the perfect color. I, on the other hand, am always disappointed once the color is on the wall, stating that it NEVER looks like the sample card.

Go neutral. That's what the contractor told me to do. He must have thought I needed this advice, having seen the rest of our house: orange kitchen, pink living room, green den, teal bedroom. You get the picture. So, I picked out what appeared to be a very neutral creamy color. I was a bit freaked out first night of painting when I did a sample patch on the wall (mind you, already purchased three gallons of the mixed color). Rice cake looked more like daffodil. I am happy to say, though, that after primer was applied and two coats of paint, the color did mellow and I really do like it now. It has warmth and I think will look very nice next to the light floor and woodwork.

In our two and a half day, twenty-hour, whirlwind painting marathon (5 gallons primer, 2 gallons ceiling paint, and three gallons wall color) many a bug have met any early and unfortunate death by speedy goopy roller. So other than those little bumpy buggers (buried 'neath rice cake), I would say the painting job was a success. Kudos to my sis.

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