Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Schedule in Full Swing

 Coming soon:
My official artist website! It's almost ready to go live!!!!
Also, later this summer, my online Cobscook Pottery shop. 
I'll keep you posted on the progress!

 Cobscook Pottery is open for the season. 
Open by chance or appointment most days this summer.

 Jerry Kasunic and Gary Howard expertly move "Razed" from Lubec Landmarks to across the street at Lubec Memorial Library. Thanks guys! 

July 14 -August 8
Bookman, Mosley, and Wheelock
Painting, Sculpture, Encaustic, and Glass

I'm back at the wheel! 
Mead mugs started off this current production run. 

(Sea glass artwork lit up in the window while Royane's opening reception was in progress inside)
Showing at Lubec Landmarks until July 3

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge that unites Lubec, Maine (U.S.) and Campobello, New Brunswick (Canada)
The bridge's 50th anniversary is this summer with a re-dedication ceremony that occurs the same weekend as this year's Lubec Arts Alive event.
View of Water Street from Lubec Landmarks' back deck. Low tide!

Apparently the heat has got to Bouli prompting her to get herself a tall glass of fresh brewed iced tea.

Awake since 3:30 a.m. wondering when I should finally give-in and start my day. Once the mind started buzzing with blog and potting I decided to get out of bed to feed two hungry cats and get things rolling. It's another misty morning. Last night the fog horn lulled me to sleep and this morning I wake to the same. There is a mystical feel to the environment and it is this type of day that ranks high on my most-favorite list.

My mom's visit last week kept things at a slower "vacation-mode" pace, but I have recouped from my down-time and things are heading back to full swing. I finally got into the cave to do some potting which I had not done since perhaps early May. It sure feels good to get my hands dirty again! The glaze firing came out well and production work is about to become serious business. The calendar is about as full as it can be for the summer months with lots of excitement on the horizon.

I am looking forward to vending the Lubec Farmers' Market on Saturdays this summer. We haven't had such a market in years and this one is sounding to be a fabulous line-up with fresh baked breads, herbal teas, garden produce, and cheeses, all locally made. It's pretty cool when you can drive down the road and visit the cows that are providing the milk for your lunch! I won't be milking any cows or selling potatoes grown in a barrel, but I will display my wares that are market-food friendly. Opening day is July 7th, rain or shine. I hear that the ukulele band will be playing, too! So, fabulous food, friends, pottery, and live music. I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday mornings.

My show at Lubec Landmarks came down on Tuesday and the big shingled column was moved over to the library. I had been stressing over how this would occur without breaking any shingles. Yes, in good ol' Shanna stress-mode fashion I concocted various scenes of mass shingle destruction and nightmares of having to press and fire replacement pieces. So while I am at the gallery with a heap of blankets, pillows, and moving strategies, in walks Gary Howard who immediately assesses the situation and says confidently how easy it will be to move it, "all we need is some rope, a cushion, and a hand truck".  I was of course thinking no way will this seven foot nearly two hundred pound column get from one building to another down a bumpy bricked sidewalk and across the street, up a ramp, and into a new building without some sort of catastrophe. But then Jerry Kasunic showed up and between he and Gary there was not more than a moment of brief reflection on how to accomplish the task. They strapped "Razed" onto the hand truck and scooted it quickly down the curb and across the street. The column will remain at the library into August for the duration of the Bookman, Mosley, and Wheelock exhibit, which officially begins on July 14th. Thank you Gary and Jerry!!!!!

Currently at the library is an exhibit of my students' artworks. The fourth of July committee organized this student showing. Last spring they juried student art from our art show at the school which represented all students in grades Pre-K through eighth. Kerry Brown, Denise Rule, Tami Lee Profit, and Walter Plaut took on the task of selecting representative work from each grade. They hung the show at the library and have set-up a voting system for library patrons to judge the work for various categories. The students will be honored at a reception on July 6th, 5:00-6:30 p.m. Yesterday some of the students gathered at the library for filmed interviews with SAIL (Supporting the Arts in Lubec) which will air on local TV and also be uploaded at some point to YouTube. The kids did a great job and I do appreciate the parents taking the time to bring them in town for the interviews. A huge thank you is in order to Denise, Kerry, Walter, and Tami for organizing this exhibit. I really do appreciate all the work they have done!!!

If you are in Lubec this coming week and have not seen, or want to see again, Jon Wing Lum's documentary "Lubec Arts Alive", the library will be hosting a viewing on Thursday, June 28th, at 6:30 p.m. This year's planning for Lubec Arts Alive is in full swing. For more details on this year's event which includes a "create-in'Lubec" weekend, live art auction, Kids' printmaking, art on the beach, and a Leslie Bowman photography workshop (in conjunction with Tides Institute), visit the official website at:

I just heard a rumble of thunder (I thought it was my stomach at first!) Looks like some more rain coming in. The garden is getting a good soaking and that relieves me of having to water at night. I'm still trying to figure what is spinach and what is weed. It all kinda looks the same to me! Things are sprouting slowly and I still have a few more things to plant (yes, very late!) and the growing season is short here. It's still an experiment about finding our way with what grows and what doesn't in this cool coastal climate. Swiss chard and lettuce grow fine, however, swiss chard and lettuce are apparently the first to succumb to hungry hares.

More thunder rumbles out there. I think I will shut down this computer and start planning my time in the studio. Hoping for a long, productive session this morning.

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Creative Creations said...

Things are jumping at 'your place'! Congratulations!! Check out the yarn shop in Lubec...Wags and Woofs...I have some of my baskets on the shelf. Dee requested something unique for knitters. We will be back in Lubec Fall 2013 - in the meantime, enjoy the summer for us.