Sunday, May 27, 2012

RAZED Exhibit is Coming Together!

 My "factotum" this week was Royane Mosley. Boy was I lucky to find a sculptor, with her own electric screwdriver, who was naive enough to offer to "help" install. It was a nine hour process (minus the quick trip to the Tavern!).

 "RAZED" has been installed at Mulholland Gallery/Lubec Landmarks, minus a few details. 

A solo exhibition by downeast Potter, Sculptor and Weaver Shanna Wheelock, featuring a seven foot ceramic installation commemorating the lost factory industry of Lubec, Maine

June 1-19, 2012
Mulholland Gallery / Lubec Landmarks
50 Water Street
Lubec, Maine

Gallery Hours
Thursday-Tuesday 10-4
(closed Wednesdays)

Saturday, June 2
2:00-4:00 p.m.
A preview of work in exhibit:

Collector's Series
Mugs with herring, sardines, and weirs
Shanna Wheelock, 2012

Collector's Series
Herring Platter
Shanna Wheelock, 2012

Column Vessels
(imprinted with authentic defunct Lubec factory shingles)
Shanna Wheelock, 2012

Bouli loves spring!

"Crash, clink,  bam, oh Sh*t!". Well, with the help of my artist friend Royane, the installation sculpture was finally assembled yesterday. A few minutes into the process, all that could be heard were cracks and clinks as the ceramic shingles broke, followed by a few unmentionable expletives. 

Eventually we got the hang of it and the broken pile began to slow a bit. Thankfully I had made extras of each size, but was also shocked to discover that I had somehow missed making the 1 1/4" shingles altogether. We were able to finagle things a bit and all turned out fine. The seven foot sculpture is now installed and happily, the rest of the show went up this afternoon. 


I still need to make the wall tags and handouts, then Friday I will begin prep for the opening reception which takes place Saturday June 2. I'm really looking forward to that day as family will visit from central Maine. Yey!

I've been so caught up in functional production pottery these past couple years that I really enjoyed making these one-of-a-kind carved collector's pieces. It has sparked renewed dedication in me to make sure that I take the time to do this with my pottery work. I do love the production, but the artist in me wants to take things a step further. 

It was such a treat to see the exhibit up tonight. My work is usually clumped in a messy studio and I don't have a chance to appreciate each piece. The gallery offers clean white walls with breathing room between pieces. I guess it's been a while since I have done a solo show and had forgotten how much a difference the space can make. 

Short blog this week, still much to do. What a beautiful weekend it has been! I hope that everyone was able to spend some time outdoors.  And...if in Lubec area next weekend, please do join us at the reception on Saturday!

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