Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Sculptures completed over the past three months by Shanna Wheelock....

U.S. Totem Pole
approx. 22" tall
Wheelthrown and slab construction
Stoneware, acrylic paint

Approx. 26" tall
Slab and wheelthrown construction
Stoneware, acrylic paint, wood, metal
with interior light source

Pomegrenade, sequential series
Total 6' wide. Individual sculptures approx. 8"x8"
Slab and press mold construction, fuze toppers each individually carved
Earthenware with acrylic paint and encaustic medium, metal, wood

Well, the New Year is upon us. Folks all around the world are making their ritual New Year's resolutions: Lose weight, exercise, get to work on time, spend more time with family, pay off debt....The list goes on and on. Some people will accomplish what they set out to do, but most will probably fail miserably. Sure, we all get off to a good start. It's the New Year afterall. We certaily have gorged ourselves so much over Christmas and other celebrations this past month that we think we might vomit if someone so much as mentions another glass of eggnog or piece of cake.

Add me to the list of those who have failed miserably in the past. I can't count the times I have made the same resolution over and over year after year. I finally gave up on making resolutions. Still, people ask, what New Year's resolution have you made this year? I have come to the conclusion, after years of failed attempts, that if you think you should do something for your overall betterment, then why wait another month, week, or five days to begin?

So, I planned to begin 2011 with no resolutions.

But, I have been pondering this thought....

What if....

We were all (yes, the entire world, every last one of us, child or adult, no different what country we are from, the color of our skin, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc. etc.) were to.... make the exact same resolution?

What if....

We all proclaimed enthusiastically to ourselves that we would make 2011 the year that we...

Make a vow for Peace.

Yes, I really do think it is that simple.

If every person in the world would vow to not say or do another hurtful thing to another being.


Just like other resolutions - it may take while to catch-on. But eventually, with enough people on board, vowing year after year to be kind, empathetic, forgiving beings ...change is destined to come about.

Power in numbers.

Why wait until January 1?


Nicky said...

I'm in... PEACE it is :)


Nicky said...

should i take it as a hint that the first time i posted this it dissappeared???

count me in... PEACE.


Nicky said...

aha! i just saw that little line about you needing to approve the comments... so the universe wasn't saying something to me afterall!!


Lauren McPartlin said...

Beautifully put and so true Shanna. Thanks for sharing that with us. Also, WOW, I am totally stunned with your new sculptures... you have a gift... and again, thanks for sharing it with us!! xoxo


Nicky - maybe the universe wanted you to say it three times :) just to make sure it sticks.


Thanks Lauren. you're such a sweetie!!!

Owl Who Laughs said...

This sculptures absolutely and utterly stand out in a way that reaches through many layers of the observer's mind.

A magical message too. Empathy for oneself and others, yes! One of my favorite quotes is, "the great way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths."

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh PEACE! What a lovely dream! Count me in. I start now! Pam C. NH

Creative Creations said...

Your last words rang true to you knew they would. The world tends to be focused on anything but peace and well-being right now, from the small day to day experiences to those things that concern the whole world. I watched a video that popped up by "Sir Ken Robinson". (I don't have the link but try a search) We artists need to focus on the power of creating for healing ...and share that with the world!! Corrine