Sunday, November 21, 2010


Encaustics are coming along. I still need to add the acrylic paint, do a few touch-ups, and attach the tops of each of the individual pieces. I'm anxious to see the sculpture complete!

A new tapestry in progress. Right now it sort of looks like a tornado ascending from a 70's shag carpet.

I'm looking at the calendar and wondering how it is already the "holiday season" and where did time go? It is true what they say - that as you get older, time passes by quickly. It's a hard concept to grasp, that time itself is a fixed thing, when some days feel so long and others just whiz by. I noted to Chris that yesterday was a two year anniversary of an important event in my life - we were both surprised that two years had already come and gone. Looking back over those two years, It is amazing to think of all the profound events that have occurred.

In a few days most folks will be sitting around a table gobbling turkey and pie with loved ones. Putting aside the historical context and the thoughts of tragedy endured by Native Americans, that day as it stands now is a tradition in our family associated with warmth, blessings, and strong relationship bonds. We will, like most U.S. families, gather, prepare, eat, laugh, and fight for the couch which is the best place to recover from an L-trytophan induced coma.

I am running down the list in my head of what I am thankful for, and how fortunate I truly am. I won't force you to read them ALL here, but will note a few highlights.

Of course, health and love come first. I am grateful for my own health and the health of my loved ones. There have been some wobbly moments and all have, thankfully, pulled through with grace. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who love deeply and watch-out for one another, and because of this I know that no matter what twists and turns life takes, I will be okay.

I am grateful for friends, old and new, with whom I laugh and share anything from the deepest secrets to the the trivial everyday.

I am grateful for the beauty of nature and that I have the privilege to enjoy it each day, from sunrise to sunset: the ocean, the trees, the flowers, the butterflies, the mountains, the birds, the bears, the snow and rain, and the wind.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be educated, to be an artist, and to have a beautiful space in which to create.

I am grateful that I do not go to bed hungry, that I have shelter and warm clothes, and a job that is meaningful.

I am grateful for things great and small, from the wonder of a caterpillar nesting on a bean pole to the intensity of first love.

The poet standing by "Owl Medicine" painting.

And, I am deeply grateful to the fates for bringing into my life my partner/husband/best friend/fellow artist/supporter/and comedian, Chris. He has supported me in all my creative endeavors. It isn't easy, I will admit, to be married to an artist. But somehow, he manages. We have a unique partnership in that we work as a team, inspiring and learning from one another. He puts into words what I put into pictures and vice versa. He has been patient enough to allow me to keep insane hours in the name of art, and is always there to lend a hand when needed. Unconditionally, he is present.

So - especially for my Poet-C,
here is a little video for you to watch....

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Owl Who Laughs said...

This is such a wonderful and touching post. And that video is such a tear-jerker.

Thank you thank you thank you!



NWRMK said...

I really want to see your sculpture comleted!

Kim Hambric said...

What a wonderful list. I'm going off to think about mine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!