Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peacock Mask in Progress

Well, I started the day out fairly frustrated. It began with an online purchase gone bad. After that little fiasco, I was unable to order felting supplies due to an outdated catalog, discontinued items, and back-ordered warps and fibers. Looking out the window, I saw my studio door still unapproachable because of a five or six foot high snow mound. The longing for clay is intense, having been away from it for the past few months, and the walk to the barn studio is dangerous, across a thickly-iced yard. I sense a horrible case of Spring Fever coming on and even though I am one who feels most at ease with a dark rainy day - I want that warmth and green here...NOW! Chris, who sensed my foul mood, sanded the yard and spent a large chunk of his morning "carving" a path through the ice-mound snow to the studio door. My goal is to be in there by the beginning of April, to begin my summer production work.

Eventually, my mood lifted a bit after a talk with my sister and a clear plan for the afternoon. I began a mask last fall and had not been able to get back to it, other than some simple doings on last Monday's snow day. Today, I sorted through the pile of merino felting wools and chose some colors to begin the hood. I have had this idea for a peacock mask in the back of my head for sometime now and and am pleased that it is finally moving forward.

In the photos, you can see part of the felting process. The mask and fibers are placed snugly into a pair of old pantyhose, and then smothered in eco-friendly detergent. Hot water and friction causes the fibers to bond. About thirty minutes of sweaty labor-intensive pushing and rubbing does the trick.

Voila...A mask is born.

Still growing though....I hope to finish it sometime in April. All depends on when supplies are back in stock and when I begin clay work. As I said in an earlier post - the entire process for this mask could take 30-40 hours, especially if I am able to complete my original vision.

Back to work.....


NWRMK said...

Interesting weapon imagery for your pottery. They do evoke a medieval image.

I look forward to seeing the completed mask (which has my favorite hues in it).



Thanks for visiting my site! your blogs look very interesting - I'm planing to read them more fully after the work week.

NWRMK said...

Thanks Shanna, I also tend to have lots of projects underway. I have a purse promised (to knit and felt) that I am not making progress on and well there it goes.