Saturday, March 14, 2009

Entering the World of Etsy

I've done it...I have finally, as my cousin put it, "succumbed to the world of Etsy". My friend Becky Wheeler has been selling her work on Etsy for over a year now and it has been a very positive experience for her. Thankfully she was willing to guide me through the process of setting up my own site. There is a lot to it to get started, and I still have so much to learn, but the ball is rolling.

Almost immediately after posting my items, the hits started to roll-in. I had no idea it would happen so quickly! I was even more excited to receive my first "convo" (a.k.a. email from a viewer) which later resulted in my first sale. It took less than 24 hours! To add to my already steep learning curve, the first buyer lived in United Kingdom. I tried to figure out the postage info online, but seemed confusing. It was a bit of an ordeal to get it down this first time, but now that I have done it once, I think it will be much easier in the future.

That's the hope anyway!

Paypal has been another learning experience for me. Still working on that one.

Nonethelss, this Etsy adventure has consumed much of my time the last few days. I will tweak it as I go along - but for now - I really REALLY need to get back to work on "Arting-Up Downeast Maine: UMVA and Lubec Community Art Project." (something like that!)

About 14 weeks left of school...time will pass quickly with a zillion projects to complete, art shows to put up, field trips to go on, grades to pass in, murals to paint, etc.

Summer is already looking to be equally as busy.


Ajijaak said...

I love your work and now I am going to have to head over to your etsy shop! :)

NWRMK said...

I have resisted etsy because I have a lovely artisan studio here that shows my stuff. She does all the business end and that suits me fine. I hope you write more about the Etsy experience for the rest of us who have not taken the plunge.


thanks for checking me out on etsy! i love your work too...poetry, wisdom, and now..rook art :)


i meant "rock" art!!!!


Onedia - I always said I would never do Etsy - and had been saving to hire someone to create a professional artist website for me - but with tough economic times, I thought the money could be better spent on some necessary items.

I have a shop in my barn studio that I open to public in the summer. Very modest. Even though we are a tourist spot, we are still remote and the number of folks who come through is still small.

You are fortunate that someone handles your business-dealings!

I am up to my eyeballs in work today - and have not goten back to your blog yet. But what I saw of it - gorgeous! Great photographs! I haven;t looked fully at your jewelry yet. I did find some political writings of yours that were powerful.

NWRMK said...

Shanna, I have started designing websites so perhaps I could do one for you when you are ready in exchange for a guided tour of Lubec in April or August.

NWRMK said...

OOps the real reason I came by earlier is to tell you how beautiful those bowls are. The line , the colors, the simple but elegant beauty of them.


thanks, onedia :)

i would give you a tour of lubec even without a website! are you really planning a maine trip? if we are in town - i would happily show you around!

email me about timing of your trip -

NWRMK said...

Great, I will email.