Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting in a Groove - The "right" kind of way

Footed Long-neck Vase
Herring Collectors Series
Cobscook Pottery
Fall Schedule
Saturday, October 5
Perry Harvest Fair
Perry, Maine   /   9am-2pm
Saturday, October 12
Lubec Farmers Market
Lubec, Maine  /   9am-11am
November 9-10
United Maine Craftsmen Augusta Show
Augsuta Civic Center, Maine 
November 15-17
Cobscook Pottery Open Studio and Holiday Sale
Lubec, Maine
November 29- Dec. 1
United Maine Craftsmen Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Show
Brewer, Maine 
December venues TBA.
WATER, WIND and TIME: Exposed #3
Another Factory C drawing in progress.

Chris and I finally found some time to go kayaking.

 We love that the plot that borders us has been bought by a land conservancy. I did a little exploring this past week with a friend. I'm looking forward to the actual trail that will lead to Klondike Peak.

It's been a great season for the sun golds with this bunch being picked just a couple days ago. Despite my lack of properly tending to the garden (yet again) there were some wonderful successes.

Back in the cave to work on more columns.

I think my head has been in these lately...

 Photo-bombed by Bouli again. She can't resist the lights!

This season's final Lubec Market will be on Saturday, October 12th. It's been a great season! In this shot, my finds from last weekend: Beets (Three Dog Farm), Garlic Lovers Goat Cheese (Gardenside Dairy), Chinese Lanterns/Ceremonial Sage/Parsely/Rosemary  (Herbminders of Maine). This is the BEST sage I have ever burned!!!
It has taken a while, but I think that I'm finally starting to get in a groove. September was a s bit shaky with transitioning from pottery production to the artwork, especially knowing that I still need to somehow find a balance with pottery season ongoing into December. It feels good to dedicate the past few days primarily to my MFA studies and to get cranking at the slab roller and drawing table. I'm sort of picking up where I left off last spring. Factory C is still my artwork passion, but new images have been collected and filed (you know, in a big pile in the nook) for later use.
October and November are ultra busy months which will keep me on the road a lot of the time between vending, family, and graduate studies. I've been sort of bracing myself mentally for what is to come. I am no stranger to the multi-tasking and being able to manage everything. I love all that I am doing, but still find my mind wandering off to January when I will have a brief hiatus from everything. Of course, that's what I said last year before I got hit with both jury duty and the flu.
But that is how life kind of goes, right? You just never know what is right around the corner, as it is said "best laid plans of mice and men....." I'm kind of getting used to this now. I have always considered myself a planner, from to-do lists to goal-setting. More and more frequently though, I see that the universe has this quirky sense of humor and likes to shake things up.  Sometimes, even our perceptions of ourselves are shaken.
Yesterday, Chris said to me that he was left-handed therefore right brained. And even though I am an artist, I have typically thought of myself as left-brained. In reality, most humans are a fine blending of the two but admittedly, some left or right traits tend to dominate. I decided to look into this (it has been years since I read anything on it) and found this nifty little online left/right quiz. Chris was right away extremely skeptical (but wait, isn't that a left-brained trait...and didn't Chris just tell me that he is right-brained?). So, I took the little quiz and discovered that I am indeed right-brain dominant. If you know me well, you might have guessed that. Or maybe not, since I even seemed to fool myself.  The description of a right-brained person fits me to a "t". After a bit of prodding, and suggesting to Chris that I think he may not be so "right",  he finally took the survey.
Indeed, turns out that he is left dominate. When we read the descriptions there was quite a bit of laughter and perhaps a bit of ribbing of one another. But it did end in Chris saying that he now understands me a bit better. That's a good thing. I think.
If interested, here is the quick Left/right brain test.
Or just skip to the descriptions....


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