Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bass my Laughing Buddha?

Woke this morning to a snow-covered back yard with Moon nestling-in behind the old walnut tree.

While Moon was drifting off in the west, east was presenting daybreak on a clouded pink palette.

Yes, indeed. More sake bottles.

Yesterday's cup meditation.

This morning while I was swimming on a bridge filled with a fast current of water, a largemouth bass came up alongside me. I was scared at first, but the scaly brute of a carp kept nudging at me with its huge mouth, seemingly laughing. I repeatedly pushed the fish away but it would return to me as though frolicking in a game of tag. Had Buddha come to me in this dream in the form of a big-bellied, playfully aggressive, giggling fish?

I don't recall ever seeing a largemouth bass in "real life" and before assigning identification to this new friend, I did an online image search, first for sturgeon, then for big mouth bass. Indeed, there he was: a massive, swoop-bellied, open-mouthed water dweller. I often dream of animals, but this one was a wee bit out of the ordinary.

I have tried to pull symbolism from the dream. Largemouth Bass is not an entry in my Animal Speaks book, so I thought maybe I would give this an intuitive best guess. From what I can remember, the water-filled bridge had three lanes. In the middle was a heavily-polluted path. I did my best to veer to the side "lane". When I found a clear path within the fast moving current that pulled me more than allowed me to swim, the bass came at me. At first sight, I was fearful of being bit. I soon noticed that there were no teeth and that the fish was, sort of, laughing? We began a game of tag.

In my waking life, I have been preparing myself for the upcoming "fast lane". Yesterday I spent time mapping out commitments for the next few months. It is easy to become overwhelmed or get stuck in that muddled "middle lane" while fast currents swoop by on either side. I had to remind myself to stay calm and deal with each event as it occurs. Normally I would be feeling a heavy stress and obsessing far too much, but at the moment, I feel content to be moving along as fate directs, accepting and appreciating the gifts and flirting with ideas that I have not dared to mingle with in the past. Change can be scary. We often fight it to the bitter end, but when it occurs, there is an opportunity for new growth. Sometimes if we just give into it, we can ride the currents and discover the unexpected. Perhaps the new "current of change" will be a more natural and graceful travel.

About three or four weeks ago I had an out-of-the-blue feeling of joy and excitement overcome me. It was one of those moments when your belly does a little flip and a smile so big surfaces that you think that your lips are going to eat your ears. I know that life is a mix of bitter and sweet, and I don't assume that all will be easy sailing, but I just had this feeling that I am on the right path and that all will fall into place as it should.

After waking from this morning's dream, I sauntered downstairs to discover a most beautiful winterscape. Dawn just starting to break, snow snuggled the earth as the moon began her descent behind the old walnut limbs to the west. Then I walked to the front side of the house, overlooking field, to find morning presenting her smattering of grey clouds and pink burstings over the bay. Snowshoe hare had been through already, pathing her long-pawed prints around the barn.

These are things that I have come to expect - powerful moons, intensely colored skies, and critters that seem to have found safe haven living amongst us two-leggeds.

Despite the strict production and sculpture schedule that has been set of late, I found time to play with friends this past week. I feel fortunate to have met so many incredible beings in my years here in Lubec. In this geographically-remarkable, faraway plot on the map, there are equally remarkable souls who have found their way here. For their friendship I am grateful.

At this moment, all feels right and good.

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