Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Post

Gorgeous full moon rising over over Johnson Bay

Projects in progress: sculpture and a new tapestry.

Yes, these are indeed snow pants. I have the unfortunate fate of being assigned outdoor recess duty this entire school year. In the spring and fall, it is glorious to get that few minutes a day in the beautiful outdoors: fresh air, laughing children, birds chirping. But when downeast winter winds are whipping and the snow starts to fly, it can be, frankly, miserable. I haven;t had to purchase a pair of snow pants since I was a youngster. This ensemble is complete with incredibly over-priced goosedown/waterproof mittens, guaranteed to keep my digits warm, Bean boots, and a black half-face mask which gives me a bit of a scary presence on the playground, though the kids are getting used to my pseudo-ninja fashion statement.

I'm blogging bit early this week, and it will be brief. We just arrived home after two days of visiting with family. I am proud to announce that as contenders lined-up for the post-turkey coma nap, I found a spot on the couch. Chris thought he would have it all to himself, but I wiggled my way in and though I didn't snooze, I did get to lay mellow for a few minutes while the turkey and carbs wreaked havoc on my energy level. It was a wonderful day with loved ones, and a nice respite from the insanely hectic days preceding.

The week ahead is nuts. Really. After teaching all day, I will stay late to complete trimester grades. Once that is out of the way, I will bring work home to do hours-on-end of budget work. I was grateful to sneak a few hours in on my weaving this morning. Those supplies travel well and I can work on a tapestry pretty much anywhere. Once the car was unloaded upon our return to Lubec, I sorted through new materials and got things set to begin work as soon as I rise on Sunday. It will be a mixed-bag of projects with some throwing, some painting, and lots of weaving. I need to fit in what I can tomorrow because my after work-hours this coming week will be consumed by school work. Chris has offered to assume the nightly supper duties so I can put in my 13-15 hour days. I am getting sleepy just thinking about it!

Literally. My eyes are heavy. So, I suppose I best find something for a quick supper and get a good night's rest under the belt in order to be prepared for my big creative fest tomorrow! I do look forward to that.

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